A good partnership comes down to leveraging complementary skill sets.

A major corporation can learn engagement techniques from a grassroots nonprofit. A nonprofit can learn best practices from a corporation. Glenn Miller and Jocelyn Hale have spent decades crisscrossing the halls of companies such as 3M and Best Buy, nonprofits such as Twin Cities Public Television and The Loft Literary Center, and media outlets ranging from NBC to the Minneapolis-based Southwest Journal.  MillerHale Associates brings together complementary skills to help you find solutions pulled from the best practices of different sectors.

Our specialties are communications, strategy, and engagement, but if you drill down, you’ll find communications often means live corporate events or executive presentation coaching. Strategic planning includes board development, leadership-transition consulting, or tactics for stakeholder engagement.

Glenn Miller


Glenn has 35 years of television and corporate communications experience. Over the past 20 years, Glenn has worked with corporate and nonprofit clients, creating and scripting marketing and communications videos, webstreams, and large all-employee events for organizations throughout the United States. Prior to his corporate communications experience, Glenn worked for Twin Cities Public Television. He has also been a television news producer and a Production Manager at NBC Studios in Burbank, California. Glenn holds a Master's degree (MS) in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. He has served on several nonprofit boards throughout the Twin Cities.

Jocelyn Hale


Jocelyn (Jocey) has worked in the nonprofit and corporate sectors for over 30 years, including serving as executive director of
The Loft Literary Center, acting director of Open Book, and manager of the Best Buy Children's Foundation's Twin Cities' philanthropic initiatives. Her specialties include leading strategic planning efforts, change management, board governance, media strategy, collaborative space strategies, and philanthropy. During her tenure at the Loft, the organization won APA’s national “Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award,” and MCN’s “Anti-Racism Initiative Award.” Jocelyn has a Master's degree (MPA) in Public Affairs from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Who are our Associates?

Our teams expand and contract as necessary, ensuring that our clients are paying the fairest, most competitive rates and avoiding unnecessary overhead. Certain projects demand the most talented video crews, makeup artists, or lighting designers; others, industry-leading non-profit thought leaders. We customize our personnel to meet each client's specific needs.