Our Mission: Creating the perfect team for your project

In the 1960s television drama Mission: Impossible there was a scene that played out at the beginning of each episode.

Just after opening credits, Jim Phelps, the lead agent charged with executing the challenging mission, would be seen moving through his luxurious condo, fireplace lit, designing a brilliant solution for the problem at hand. He knew he needed top talent. He would flip through his dossier of photos, separating those who were needed on the team from those who weren’t. Team assembled, the work would begin.

Even as a child I understood that the team would, largely, be comprised of the same members as the week before. There was, after all, a regular cast. But, occasionally, there would be room – both on the team and within the production budget – for the special guest agents. But beyond the practical matter of extended actor contracts, I knew that Agent Phelps had those teammates he trusted implicitly, whose talents were the best in the field, and with whom he could speak in short-hand due to the number of projects they had worked on in the past.

At MillerHale Associates, we bring this same approach to all client work. We assemble the exact team of professionals to best serve our clients’ needs. There are ‘the regulars’ who are brought back project after project due to their work ethic, their artistic creativity, and their professional rapport with executives. As needed, our team expands and contracts per client expectations and project scope.

Our clients realize the advantage in this approach. Projects are competitively priced and the most creative and talented personnel, not those on-staff who happen to be available, are assigned to projects. Creative departments within corporations are becoming increasingly rare – a luxurious overhead – which is why they are turning to nimble companies such as MillerHale Associates. As a result, it is common for individual artists in the creative industry to come together to form a “temporary team” in order to flawlessly execute a client’s project. Likely as not, these team members have worked together on scores of previous projects, allowing them to speak in the short-hand with one another that creates top-notch scripts, videos, or  live event productions.

So, whether your next project appears to be an impossible mission, or, perhaps, just a difficult task, consider going with a team curated just for you.